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Wean Air Travel

Because of its isolation, Wean has often been a favoured destination for people who enjoy flying to events. For small single and twin engine planes, (and no larger), the race course has its own airstrip and aircraft park, conveniently placed so that patrons can walk from the plane to the race course, a distance of perhaps 50 to 100 metres.

The Wean Picnic Races is a great event to visit. At just over an hour’s flight time from Sydney, with a packed agenda of racing, picnicking, children’s activities and crowd participation, it offers a fantastic days entertainment for families, groups of friends, corporate groups and anyone else who wants a great day out.

If you are intending to travel to the Wean Picnic Races by Air, go to the link opposite,  fill out and submit the form to the club flight committee man, Les Alker, or contact him on 0428 684244. Thank you.

Remember, the Wean Airstrip is only suitable for light single and twin engined planes, up to six seats including pilot. If the plane you want to bring is too large for the Wean air strip, you can always land at Gunnedah airport, which has a strip capable of handling small commercial airlines. The club will make arrangements on your behalf for transport to and from the Gunnedah Airport to the Wean Picnic Race Club, as well as accommodation in Gunnedah if you so desire it. You just have to contact the flight committeeman with your requests at least three weeks prior to the race date.


Navigation Aspect: East to West

Length: 900 metre’s total. 900 metre’s effective from Eastern end landing.

Surface: Grass

Prevailing Winds: West North West

Eastern End Latitude: 30°40’58.51”S (approx. only)

Eastern End Longitude: 150°14’40.30”E (approx. only)


Remember, the airstrip at the Wean Race Course is un-registered: Aircraft, pilots and passengers travelling to, landing and takeing off from the Wean Amateur Picnic Race Clubs airstrip do so at their own risk. The Wean Amateur Picnic Race Club Inc. takes no responsibility for any accident, damage to equipment or injury suffered due to any misadvetnure involving airtravel.

The Wean Committee

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