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This year, the chosen charity organisation for the 2017 Wean Picnic Races is Gunnedah West Rotary Charity Group.

Gunnedah West Rotary are raising funds to undertake a full upgrade of the Pensioners Hill Lookout recreational area, including upgraded access for more disable/senior friendly access, improved facilities and more open environment. The recreational area is a beautiful spot in Gunnedah, with great views of Gunnedah and surrounds. Check out the photos below.,

As part of our assistance to Gunnedah West Rotary, we ask this year's patrons if they would like to kindly donate some money towards this worthy cause. There will be a stand set up near the race book vending stall where such donations can be made. There will also be a bucket passed round the grounds to collect donations.

I take this opportunity to remind patrons of the many fun activities that occur during the Wean Race day, including family picnics, children's rides, fashions in the field, catching up with friends, horse racing and a host of other pass times. This year, we are also putting in a big effort to make the races a 1650-1730 pirate theme day, with our period dress codes and ground music reflecting those times. It would be wonderful if you could all do your bit by "dressing the part" and get into the scheme of things.

I hope to see you all again at the Wean Race Course on Saturday, 8th of July 2017. This year, we are going to relive the Golden Pirate Era, help the Gunnedah Rotary West upgrade Pensioners Hill Lookout, have a seriously good race day, and, as always, we are going to have fun doing it!

Les Alker
President / Licensee

Pensioner Hill 1   Pensioner hill 2    
Pensioner Hill 3